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Nicholas Haze is a Canadian actor, director and playwright. Upon completing his three-year professional theatre program at John Abbott College, Nicholas moved to Toronto to pursue his acting career. His first major role came on the hit television series “Degrassi High” where he played Dianna’s Brother George. His return to Montreal saw his first ever written play “Who Me?” being selected and later presented at the Centaur Theatre as part of the then QDF. Over the years Nicholas has performed in numerous films, including the critically acclaimed TV series 19-2, Fatal Vows, Broken Trust, The Badge, The Gift and many others.

Apart from his many stage appearances, including “The wild Guys” and “The Mark of Cain”; Nicholas has also been seen in over twenty local, National and American television commercials. Apart from continuing to pursue his acting goals, Nicholas is currently working towards a new directing project as well as completing his second and third full length stage plays.

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