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Drew Coombs is a Full time VO actor who has recorded for Narrations, Video Games and Cartoons. AND 1000's of national commercial TV & Radio ads, too many to count.

15 years experience of being an on camera actor first, paved the way for Drew to become an accomplished Voiceover actor. Performing real and authentic comes naturally for voice talent with extensive acting training. As a result Drew has become the voice for huge National campaigns, some of which he's been voicing for well years. Drew performs friendly all day long. Need some cool in your spot, he has it to spare. Can switch gears and do soft whispery intimate reads as well.

Drew voices with confidence and regularly books the following types of projects; Heartfelt, conversational, casual, trustworthy, and just about anything that needs a smile.

Video games; Drew Voiced the original Dante from the wildly successful Devil May Cry video game franchise from Capcom.

Drew has voiced live big name celebrity charity events for the likes of Matt Damon, Shakira, Wycleff Jean to name a few.

With his years of on camera acting experience, Drew can also provide solid acting behind the voices, truly becoming the personality you're looking for. Well known for his cool or conversational guys. He also delivers a whole other vocal range like the excited, upbeat friendly announcer. If a client is looking to sell with super excited enthusiasm. Know that Drew was the original voice of the million dollar weekly Lottery, Lotto Max for years. When you are offering people the chance to win 50-100 million dollars a week it's as high energy as it gets!

He also voices the chill vibe of a slacker dude, relaxed tones of a calming meditation and even voices the ever popular, smooth, inviting, sexy leading man.

High Quality Professional Studio. Multiple mics, Neumann U87 Ai, Shure SM7B, Pre amp with the api Lunchbox. MacBook Pro, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X.

Drew's voice has been described as Conversational, Authentic, Friendly, Confident, Believable, Approachable, Engaging, Articulate, Authoritative, Professional, Animated, Energetic, Informative.

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